A downloadable cluckwork

This game is made for the GameCraft 2018 Game Jam @ NUS. The theme was "Clockwork". "Clockwork" also  describes something that moves at regular intervals, like gears. This game demonstrates this concept by having the enemies and projectiles move for a fixed amount of time, and then pausing, per cycle.

Description: Play as a clockwork chicken trying to escape being eaten In this world, time pauses at certain intervals. Avoid the obstacles along the way and try to last for as long as possible.

Controls: WASD / Arrow Keys to Move. Press Up to jump. You can double-jump.

Group Name:  ToBeDecided

Members:  Yu Feng, Conan, Zheng Yu, Kean Wai

Install instructions

Unzip the Build.zip and double-click on Cluckwork.exe


Build.zip 18 MB

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